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Internet Based Distributed
Super Computer

My end goal is to develop a multi-tasking fault tolerant scalable distributed programming environment for the internet which would give researchers access to super computing power in the form of wasted CPU cycles of  millions of home and office PC's around the world. The hope is to attract a large number of volunteers to load my screen saver and the super computer will be born.

Are you a company looking for very low cost super computing power? Perhaps you may be interested in following this link.

The basic idea has already been implemented in part by several groups SETI@Home and for example. SETI@Home is closest in its implementation to what I wish to accomplish. Its trivial for volunteers to assist in that they are simply required to download an application / screen saver which regularly picks up a work file from a server and calls back when the work is completed. The only detail lacking in its wonderful simplicity is that it is single tasking.

What I will accomplish is a fully implemented protocol which would simultaneously manage a large number of numerically intensive applications running over many millions of PC's. I have already completed much of the basic work but of course this is very involved and will be require a great deal more work. It is my hope to have the alpha version completed for testing in second quarter of 2000 and a 3 month burn-in bug-fix period for a third quarter 2000 beta small scale release.

Additionally the system can be run behind a firewall to provide a corporate enterprise super computing power. This would be accomplished by simply running the sever applications and pointing the office PC's to the local server. Corporate users can achieve super computing power for little more cost then the price of electricity to run their secretary's computers overnight!

The basic structure of the system can be found here

If you are interested in sponsoring this project read this

Current project status notes can be found here. I will try to update this every few weeks.

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