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I will be able to deliver your message to 5,000,000 people daily by 2003!


Public interest in a venture such as this is definitely very high as evidenced by SETI@Home. They keep wonderful statistics and the numbers are extremely impressive to say the least. The penetration of the internet is incredible.

The latest statistics of total volunteers and charts of active users however show of about 1,500,000 volunteers only 500,000 are active. This suggests that 1,000,000 people were curious enough to begin participating and then deleted the software, halting participation.


The project will not yield results for at least 2 years and its goal is of a philosophical nature only.

I believe I will exceed the Internet penetration of SETI@Home and additionally maintain users where they have lost them because my concept is more dynamic and tangible to its audience. 

Typical problems that will be run on the system are

Additionally since many of these problems can be solved in a matter of days when distributed across tens of thousands of computers, volunteers will see immediate results from their participation. They will empower themselves through actually involving themselves with future medicines and technologies. As well any monies generated through sponsorship and advertising beyond what is required to support this project will be recycled into further research at participating universities.


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