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Development Status

I will try to maintain this page every few weeks.

March 15, 2000

Been away for a vacation in Canada. Took the opportunity to get some books and hook up with some coder friends. I was looking for some help about generating large primes and wound up just getting drunk... Nice to be with friends! In any case I have a great arbitrary precision arithmetic library now (thanks to D. Knuth Vol. 2) and the data base stuff is slowly coalescing. The basic screen saver and background processing code is complete but not tested enough. A number of my friends that were to help with this closed up on a bunch of company stock options and have spread about on planet Earth for a bit. I've also spent quite some time on documentation, but so little time... so much work.

December 26,1999

I was having problems tracking a bug so I added file logging. Quite a bit of work but it binds nicely into existing code. The logging auto-magically manages its file size which was a bit tricky, deciding where and what to log etc. as well a tough design decision on where to place the objects in the class hierarchy. The eternal question of is a/has a took dozens of tries.

November 14, 1999

I've had a hell of a last few weeks. Our office moved to a new building and we had to shut our lab down for a few weeks. Two days after the lab was fully functional we had a 7.6 magnitude quake with massive island wide power failures for another 2 weeks. I've had to play catch-up at work so my available time for my pet project has decreased from 30 hours a week to about 10. This should improve in a week or 2. Sigh... Too bad I have to sleep. What a waste of time!

Anyways as of this writing the project stands here:

In short I have about 100,000 lines of code including some wicked-ass libraries. Hell, with the tools I've written to date, I could write ICQ et al. in about 4 weeks. Got the whole network thing down cold. All without books either. Although the bookstores are crammed with the requisite literature, I unfortunately can not read Chinese. And no credit card means no


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