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If you really must meet the person behind the code.... Blame only yourself!

Here is my resume, otherwise I don't have much to say. I work and I like to code and I desire to get this project off the ground.

Oh well, here's a few pics.

Here is a picture of me sitting outside of Napoli Italian Restaurant in Taichung Taiwan about 2 days after the September 21 1999 earthquake. My friend Alan Carre took the picture and emailed it to me just after he returned to Canada. The ironic aspect of the quake was Al had come to visit me just 2 days before. He came for the visit and stayed for the ride!

Here is a picture of my friend Jimmy's apartment. He wasn't there when it happened and luckily nobody else was hurt. The red you see used to be somebody's apartment ceilings.

OK so here's a better picture of me! And This is a vacation shot of some "wicked-ass" coder friends of mine (L-R) Steve, Al, Blake


Found this fellow in my bathroom! It was about 12cm across!. I see its relatives every once in a while in the yard. I didn't know if it was poisonous or not so I  gave it a free ride in the toilet. Maybe it would have been better for it had I studied entomology!


Hey! You need JAVA for this!

Drag to rotate whole cube and Control Drag to rotate section

This little gem is from Author: Song Li


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