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Name:                Russell Letkeman

Nationality:         Canadian

Address:                      Address:             No. 28 Alley 4, Lane 31, Chang-Ping Road. Sec 2, 406 Taichung City Taiwan ROC



Languages:         English             - Excellent

                          French               - Basic

                          Mandarin         - Learning



·         Managing complex software projects throughout full product cycle

·         20 years of programming experience

·         Expert C/C++, JAVA, and BASIC, Visual Basic, OOD/OOP and OS’s WIN9x and NT4.0 and knowledgeable in UNIX

·         Experience in ISO / FDA programming and documentation standards

·         Designed / Developed multithreaded, serial device, client / server applications

·         Experienced in debugging / re-engineering / reverse engineering complex projects

·         Expert in a wide range of network protocols including TCP\IP, NETBIOS, Namedpipes, mailslots, NetBEUI

·         Advanced mathematics and physics

·         Experience in fluid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, and neural nets


Work Experience:



TUV Rheinland Taiwan LTD.: (Taichung Taiwan)

Mar 1999 - Present

Title: Project Engineer


·         Application of European safety standards to products to provide safety certification

·         Communicating safety deviations to design engineers

·         Trouble-shooting and debugging designs for customers


Morphometrix Technologies: (Toronto Canada)

Feb 1998 – Nov 1998

Title: Software Engineer


·         Implemented corporate wide source control and tracking to meet FDA standards

·         Large scale database design and development for medical information to train AI system

·         Designing / Developing in-house software for medical experiments

·         Designing / Developing / Overseeing operation and implementation of software for medical experiments in cooperating laboratories

·         Trouble shooting and debugging custom hardware

·         Designing / Developing automated microscope slide analysis software to interface with an AI robot tissue analyzer.

·         Responsible for risk assessment of above and adapting the hardware and software to minimize risk


Optimal Robotics: (Montreal Canada)

Feb 1996 – Nov 1998

Title: Software Engineer


·         Designed applications through full product cycle

·         Developed subset of a semi-automated Point Of Sale (POS) software (human cashier interface to robots)

·         Developed custom debug and testing software for the above project

·         Developed installation and support utilities for the above project

·         Supported and customized above project in the field



Solutions Programmees: (Montreal Canada)

Feb 1994 – Jan 1996

Title: Software Engineer / Marketing


·         MIS for a public access computer information service (BBS)

·         Develop custom software for the BBS

·         Promote the service through various means

·         Develop working relationships with Montreal artists and musicians to promote them in the growing field of the internet


Environment Canada: (Winnipeg Canada: based in high arctic stations)

Feb 1989 – Jan 1994

Title: Upper Air Technician


·         Perform weather observation and transmit data in a timely manner

·         Present current and forecast weather information to airport staff and pilots

·         Maintain and service a wide array of equipment belonging to EC as well as contracted systems for non-EC scientists.

·         Experience with administration of remote arctic weather stations



·         Diploma Meteorology University of British Columbia 1992 - 1993

·         Diploma Upper Air Technician TCTI Canada 1990

·         Diploma Surface Weather Technician TCTI Canada 1989

·         B.Sc. Physics University of Manitoba 1980 – 1986


References: Available on request


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